Important Tips to Choose Professional Catering Services

images (16)Social and corporate events are quite common in the modern day scenario. Event organizers often use professional catering services as it helps to save ample amount of time and effort. While availing professional services from caterers, food and drinks are served to the guests in an elegant and impeccable manner. Choosing a good and reputed caterer is quite a difficult task. Regardless of the type of event organized, availing the services of professional caterers is quite essential for the event to become a huge success.

Features of Professional Caterers:

Wide Selection of Food Items: Professional caterers offer a huge selection of food items. There are caterers who offer remarkable services to the customers according to individual requirements. There are services for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktail parties too. Most of these caterers offer services through online web portals so it is quite easy to avail these services quickly and effortlessly.

Coordination: Before choosing professional companies of caterers for guests, it is essential to know if the events can be handled flawlessly by these companies. Consider the reputation of the company before choosing the services of caterers.

How To Prepare Your Restaurant for Winter

download (33)Most people tend to enjoy winter days indoors. They generally don’t tend to go out unless it’s a special occasion or if they want to get out of the house on that particular evening. Restaurants need to be more inviting and warm in order to draw customers to their premises for a delicious meal. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your restaurant for the winter months.

First of all, you will need to add a few heaters to your restaurant in order to keep the air warm and toasty for your customers. If your restaurant is too cold, they may decide to go elsewhere.

Generally, most chefs will prepare certain foods a few hours ahead of it being served such dishes may include soup or stews. These winter dishes can be kept sufficiently heated for quite a long time in Bain Maries.

If you serve pies or pastries that need to be served at a heated temperature, a pie warmer would be the ideal catering equipment. This is especially useful for bakeries and café’s.

Sauce warmers are also a great addition

How To Speed Up Your Restaurant’s Service

download (32)The restaurant industry is a competitive one. You have to serve meals quickly, and you need to make those meals quickly. Customers will think nothing of it to leave your restaurant if you take too long to prepare and deliver their meals. You must have a process in place to speed up your restaurant’s service.

First of all, ensure that you hire the right staff. They need to be hard working, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile. You need to trust that they will take the order correctly and give it to the kitchen staff quickly. Your kitchen staff must have all the ingredients and the right kitchen equipment at hand to make their job easier. Ensure that you take stock of all the ingredients at the end of the day so that you can procure the correct amount the following day.

Invest in quality time saving catering equipment. You need to analyze what your kitchen processes involve such as what dishes are the most popular on your menu, how much crockery and cutlery you require on an average day, how often do those dishes need to be washed, and

Customer Service Focus Paramount

The most important thing to do in the restaurant business is to maintain great customer service at all times. Great customer service eludes many restaurants because their employees are often not in it to win it, but only in it for a paycheck. Let’s face it this recession has been hard on everyone, including the restaurant and their workers. Many restaurants have cut the number of employees, and they are working their waiters and waitresses to death, and they are not getting the tips as they used to get.

The reason is simple, the consumers are cutting back. But, you must make sure in your restaurant that they don’t cut you out of their budgets, as all families in the middle class are cutting back, and many families in the lower class admit that they have not gone out to a sit down restaurant in over a year now. Most of all you should not forget that your customers and consumers who decide to eat in your restaurant, very well can make their own food at home; don’t forget they know how to cook.

And even if they only know how to cook Top Ramen, Pop

Deliver Superior Customer Service

The restaurant take-out business, whether for delivery or pick up, is a growing segment in our industry. Take-out customers are easy sales and don’t require as much time as dine-in customers. Since take-out customers don’t require a seat in your restaurant, you free up a table for dine-in customers while creating added sales. To keep up with the trends, it is vital to design your take-out restaurant training program to be easy and efficient for your customers.

Online take-out service is gaining popularity and if designed properly, allows customers to quickly facilitate their order. Online take-out programs offer some promising advantages. Since the order is computer imputed (in writing), it prevents communication breakdowns and increases order taking accuracy. Also, the customer can view the full menu at a glance and receive information about your company. However, you could set yourself up for failure if your website is 1) difficult to navigate and is not user-friendly 2) experiencing frequent downtime and is not connected to a dependable hosting company, or 3) unattended by a full-time designated person to facilitate the orders. Since many customers still use the phone when placing take-out orders, it is important to maximize

Waitress & Waiter Training Role Play Tips For Hospitality Education & Learning

Are your teams providing their best performance with every guest that walks through your doors? Incorporating role play into your training programs will help your guests receive an encore performance every time.

Role play is one of the most effective tools in the trainer’s toolbox where participants can experience real life situations and “learn by doing”. Role play can be used to train any level of company personnel including staff, managers, and even company executives.

Role play allows teams to experience real life situations in a simulated and controlled environment. With participants playing the roles of guests, employees, and managers, they can be better equipped to handle situations.

Because of the controlled environment, role play allows the trainer to assess an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and devise an action plan for growth and development. When used to master a skill, role play builds confidence as the skill is practiced and coaching is administered by a trainer. Since the trainer is side by side with the learner, they can easily determine whether the learner has mastered the newfound technique and is ready to work their position solo. When role play is used to emphasize with

Restaurant Management Tips

Do you think that sales happen by magic? In a sense you are right, because you create the magic by your guest’s positive impression of your restaurant’s food and service.

Management and employees need to drive sales. Your Service Staff are your primary sales persons. The Kitchen Employees should be motivated to provide quality food for your guests. Management needs to keep both areas on track and make sure the atmosphere for each customer is a positive experience. There are two key items we see as the magic that can keep staff on track and positively motivated: the “WOW Steps of Service” and the “Pre-Shift Alley Rally”.

First each server must realize that they are sales people and they will create more tips and happier guests by selling the menu. This means every server must know the menu inside and out. This happens by proper server training and motivation from your managers.

How many times have you visited a restaurant and the server was completely oblivious in menu knowledge? Does that create the magic you want in service? How about the server who quickly responded about your questions regarding the menu? That is the WOW

Tips For Starting a Successful Multi-Restaurant Delivery Service

When planning to start a restaurant delivery business, here are 10 tips to help you plan, start and succeed in starting up your own food delivery service.

1. Do a research first.

Before starting any business, be sure to find time to dig up resources and valuable information about the business. This also applies when you have decided to start a multi-restaurant delivery business.

Reading informative articles would be really helpful but you should also find time to talk to people who you think would give you additional information about the business. If you find a website that offers information about food delivery service business, try to contact them through email or call them if the number to reach them is available on their contact page.

2. Find an experienced guidance.

When starting up your own multi restaurant delivery, consider sharing your plans with a close family relative, a trusted friend or a business person who is close to you. Get their suggestions, thoughts and find time to consider all these. It is better to have support from your family or spouse than doing this alone. Starting up can be a bit

Choosing Live Entertainment for Your Restaurant

If you have a restaurant that needs a little bit of a pick me up in terms of customers, you might want to consider hiring some live entertainment. This is an added treat for your customers, and you have many different options from which you can choose.

When you are trying to decide on the type of entertainment you want to have, you must consider your clientele and the type of restaurant you own. If you have a sushi restaurant, for example, you might not want to have a Jazz ensemble as your entertainment. While it might make for an eclectic experience, it doesn’t really jive with the type of restaurant you have. On the other hand, authentic mariachi players would work well for a Mexican restaurant or an eatery with a Southwestern theme. Always consider what your customers want and expect.

You also have to think about the space that you have available. You probably don’t want to remove too many tables just to accommodate entertainment. Maybe you don’t have room for a grand piano. Choose a classical guitarist instead. A small stage area for a guitar player is enough. With the above mentioned

Upgraded for the Commercial Kitchen

If you are in the business of toasting bread or buns on a daily basis, then a regular two slice or four slice toaster just won’t cut it for you. You’ll be toasting bread slices all day long and missing out on the other dishes that your kitchen could offer to customers. The Anvil Conveyor Toasters are ideal for the commercial kitchen for the following reasons.

The Anvil Conveyor Toasters have recently undergone technological changes which significantly improves the performance of this kitchen equipment. For these upgrades to take place, intensive site testing was done on the operation and the functionality of these units. One of the upgrades that was taken into consideration is the different types of bread that is used in various commercial kitchens. The ability for even one-pass toasting was also considered. The testing revealed that more control within the unit needs to be provided in order to balance the heat between the top and the bottom heating elements. This has been achieved by fitting energy regulators to independently control the top and the bottom heating elements. So the chef is able to adjust the toaster in order to achieve a toasted bread

How To Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Waste-Free

Commercial kitchens tend to be busy areas because a lot of food has to be prepared within minutes all day long. The side effect of such a demanding kitchen is that of waste creation, such as containers, packaging, bottles, and food wastage, amongst others. As a chef or restaurant owner, you need to ensure that you have the necessary processes and equipment in place to keep your commercial kitchen clean and free of obstruction.

Only you know the layout of your kitchen and your staff, so it is up to you to decide on the processes for keeping your kitchen clean. However, there are some general rules that should be followed. Ensure that your staff members wash their hands at regular intervals, that their hair is tied up, and that they are not wearing any loose clothing that could come into contact with the food. Create a rule that no food is to be left unattended, or uncovered for long periods. Meat should be placed separately from other foods in the fridge or freezer upon arrival and should not be left unattended during or after preparation. Create a general hygiene process for everyone to follow.

How to Improve Restaurant Service

Want to know how to improve restaurant service? Then read on because in this article we’re going to take a look at some of the most important tips that will definitely improve your restaurant’s customer service.

Waiting Staff – A waiting staff should have a positive attitude and that’s really the one thing that restaurant mangers should look for when hiring. A good personality towards customers is a vital trait in any job where you are selling to something to someone. But this is much different because you have direct responsibility for people’s food, something that goes inside their bodies.

Customers in general don’t really trust employees with unpleasant attitudes. Ever seen those surveillance videos of restaurant employees spitting or doing nasty things at the customer’s food? Customers shouldn’t be worried if a staff gets cranky with them if they request things. Sure there are many customers who are a total jerk but this is no excuse for a waiting staff. Having good memory can also be a plus.

Cleanliness – It’s no question that the overall cleanliness of your restaurant is a big factor of the service you give. The ambience is also

The Restaurant’s Service System

A main issue that must be addressed before deciding on a kitchen design is the way in which foods will be delivered to guests. This is recognized as the service system. A large operation, such as a hotel, can have more than 1 service program at work simultaneously: elegant tableside service, room support, and casual bar support. At the other end of the spectrum, quick-service restaurants employ service systems that emphasize speed and convenience, including takeout support and also the fast-food option of standing in the same counter to order, pay for, and wait for a meal served within minutes. Every service system has subsystems; together, they encompass each aspect from the progression of foods from kitchen area, to table, and back towards the dishwashing region.

This progression is known as flow, a lot like the traffic circulation of the busy street grid. There are two kinds of flow to consider when planning your kitchen area design: item flow and traffic circulation. Product circulation is the movement of all foods items, from their arrival in the receiving area, through the kitchen, to the guests. Visitors flow may be the movement of employees via the creating as they

Tips For Advertising Your Restaurant

Gone are the days when glossy printed handouts would suffice in attracting customers to your restaurant. Today, in their quest to catch eyeballs, advertising agencies have created a nonstop marketplace that knows no limits.

Restaurant Advertising Gets Customers

Will Rogers, the late entertainer, once said, “All I know is just what I read in the papers”. Restaurant advertising generates interest in the papers along with the news coverage. Although, people know them to be mere ads, they start believing in them when they encounter them again and again not only in the print media, but also on the radio and television.

So, if you want to promote your restaurant through advertising, keep these tips in mind:

* Before you embark upon advertising, strategize how you want to promote your restaurant. Is it a traditional place or a fast food joint? What kind of fare does it offer? Questions like these will help you ascertain your target audience and help you in evolving the kind of advertising or brand promotion most suitable for it.

* Generally, you’d need to hire an advertising agency to help in formulating the brand strategy, as also to suggest

Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant

You are a Restaurateur and you’re good at it. You know how to create amazing dishes full of flavor and flair. You know how to create an incredible environment where people love to spend time. And you know how to treat customers like kings, offering service and hospitality like no one else. But are all those strengths enough to create a successful restaurant? There’s one critical area that’s missing.

Marketing is often an afterthought. When sales are down and seats are empty, then marketing becomes important. But the reality is that marketing should be a part of the DNA of your restaurant, because marketing is so much more than advertising. Marketing is anything that comes in contact with your customer and leaves a lasting impression about your restaurant.

Some of the areas of focus for your marketing efforts include:

  • MENU – Your menu is not just piece of paper, it is your sales staff. This is the item in your customer’s hands when they’re deciding what they want to purchase from you. Guide them to the items you want them to order. Every menu has more profitable and less profitable items. The better you are

Seven Tips on How to Use Press Releases to Promote Your Restaurant

Marketing your restaurant can be tough in a crowded market. And it can also be very expensive. But not all effective marketing avenues have to cost a lot of money. Read on for seven tips on how to use press releases to promote your restaurant on a budget.

Ads in local papers can cost a bundle. And yes, you can spend hundreds on press releases too. But you don’t have to. Here’s how you can get publicity for your restaurant for very little money.

1) Take advantage of the “new” PR approach to promoting your business

Most people think of press releases as news bulletins that go mainly to newspapers and other media outlets. That’s still available, of course, and it tends to cost a pretty penny, or rather hundreds of dollars.

But that’s not all that’s available. Now, you can also post them online and allow your customers to find them directly. There are a lot of options, and some excellent ones can be had for less than $20. Here’s how it works:

2) Press releases that are published online can get found on Google

If you publish a well-optimized release,

How to Choose the Best Restaurant for Dates

If you are in search of the best restaurant for your dinner date, then you have landed in the right place. Read the article to know about how to choose the best restaurants for dates. Are you arranging a date with a person whom you have never met before? To make the best impression about yourself, it is very important that you choose the right place to have your first date.

Arranging a date for the first time is very important as this may change your life in a beautiful way. Here are some ideas and rules that you can follow in choosing the right restaurant. By choosing the best restaurants for dates, you can create a great first impression on your date.

  • Try to read the checklist thoroughly 24 before hours the actual date. You should know the things available and the things that you have to arrange to start your date.
  • Choose a place that is not formal. Rather, find a location that is more romantic so that you and your date can spend time with your together in a more romantic and memorable setting.
  • Do not select a restaurant that is far away. You will

3 Useful Tips to Choose the Best Restaurant Furniture

If you run a restaurant, you must understand that apart from quality food and hospitality, the restaurant furniture contributes a lot to the success of your business. Restaurant is a place where people come to relax or spend time with their loved ones. The comfortable restaurant chairs makes a lot of difference to the time the customers spend in a restaurant. Hence, it is crucial that you pick each piece of furniture for your restaurant carefully and methodically to provide better service to your clients.

When you visit a furniture store it is very likely that you may get confused with options for restaurant furniture as there are numerous designs available in the market. But, making a successful restaurant business needs some important points into consideration, even while selecting furniture. Some of the major aspects of selecting restaurant chairs and other furniture are discussed.

Comfort – The Best Way to Attract Customers

Your prime objective of selecting the best furniture is to provide comfort to your customers so that they will love to spend more time and keep coming to your restaurant again and again. Moreover, you should try to create an environment where the

Top Tips For Eating on a Budget in Paris

Backpackers (or anyone on a budget) visiting the French capital can save plenty of cash by staying in one of the excellent hostels in Paris. But bear in mind that cheap, convenient accommodation is not the only way to keep a tight rein on the purse strings.

Food is undeniably a very important part of anyone’s travel experience and, surprisingly, there are many great ways to enjoy a budget-friendly meal in Paris without compromising on the quality.

Here are some quick tips to help you enjoy some of the city’s best culinary delights while evading the many tourist traps.

Steer clear of the famous landmarks – The best way to avoid tourist restaurants (and therefore tourist prices) is to stay away from the major tourist attractions of the city when choosing a café or restaurant. Avoid eateries located near the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame and the Champs Elysees, for example, if you don’t want to be charged through the nose.

Buy drinks at the bar instead of the tables – Wherever you choose hostels in Paris, they’ll no doubt be located close to local restaurants with a bar. If you

How to Invest to Make Free Media Pay Off

In under five years, the owners of Northside Social (Nicole Harlan-Oprisu, Tim Oprisu, Bill and Nancy Ficca, and Jamie Browning) have expanded their family of restaurants and bars to include four additional establishments: Northside Kitchenette, Village Cigar, Delicia, and La Mulita. Together they employ over a hundred people. So what has helped them flourish? A whole recipe thatexcludes paid advertising.

This group of restaurateurs has worked at crafting each establishment to fill a different niche, making each appeal to different customer types or moods: casual but refined brunch/lunch, upscale evening dining, impromptu drinks with or without a bite to eat, Latin American dining, or relaxing with fine liquor and a selection of quality cigars. They didn’t try to wrap everything under one roof, because each needs it’s own distinctive atmosphere to be most effective.

As an example of the added benefit to filling a niche, because Delicia and La Mulita are in the smaller category of Latin American, they can automatically rise to the top of some searches by those looking for local options.

A few positive reviews on Yelp led to many more. Early on, Yelp reached out to these businesses for a photo